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My Review of Daily Grace's Bible Highlighters

I had never heard of using highlighters as an approach to intentional Bible study until a few months ago when I listened to this podcast episode from the Daily Grace Co. Obviously, this approach doesn't encompass everything there is to studying the Bible, but it has opened my eyes to the possibility of using this relatively simple approach to help promote intentional engagement with the text! 
Since I've started using specific colors for specific topics, I have found myself more attentive as I read.
Here's how I use four of the six colors: 
BLUE = Specific descriptions of God  YELLOW = Specific descriptions of Christ/prophecies of Christ  GREEN = Commands (think "go!)  ORANGE = Warnings PINK = (Yet to be determined)  PURPLE = (Yet to be determined) So when The Daily Grace's special Bible highlighters went on sale, I grabbed a set and have begun using them. Here are my thoughts on these particular highlighters:
Pros:  - They're super smooth and glide across the…

5 Strategies for Staying Focused While Reading Large Portions of Scripture

January 1st, I started Knowable Word's 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge. I've read through the entire Bible in a year, but never in 90 days. In order to stay on track and finish in 90 days, I've figured that it averages out to a solid fifteen chapters or so a day. 
Whew. That's a lot of reading every day.   Knowing that each day would require a significant length of time, just to keep on schedule, I knew that I had to do something to keep my mind engaged and focused. I am now 4 days into this challenge (86 more days to go!) and I'm finding a few different strategies to be helpful in keeping my heart and mind focused on what I'm reading: 
Highlighting  I initially heard about using highlighters for intentional reading of the Word last fall on this podcast episode from the Daily Grace Company. Since then, I've been slowly implementing this approach of using specific colors for specific themes. (I say slowly because I'm currently only working with three colo…