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At times I don't know how to adequately express myself.  Sincere longing, yearning, and seeking hard after the Lord often get stifled by my circumstances. This song, based on Psalm 84, has been a recent reminder of what I desire to be a reality in my life right now. 
How sweet the place where You dwell, O Lord,  My soul longs and faints for You My heart sings out a loud song of joy  For I have known the living God.
I want to be where You are, O Lord I want to be where You are, O Lord I'd rather have just one day with You Than be anywhere else
There's no good thing that You will withhold From those who live to follow You  I'd rather be Your servant, O God Than have the riches of this world
Those who follow You go from strength to strength Those who trust in You are filled with joy.
(c) Stephen Altrogge, 2008, Sovereign Grace Praise